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Marty Allen Show Feb 13, 2013 Audio

I’m throwing my hat in to be the new pope what are the qualifications. The Indians have finally got them self a gem. President Obama wants the minimum wage us to go up to 9 bucks an hour will tons of people lose their jobs and we do the Marty Allen show version of the Harlem shake that has gone viral on YouTube.

Friday January 15th 2010

Former Cleveland Browns running back Herman Fontenot joined me and my football playoff picks of the week

Monday January 11th 2010

Smoking the ganja in New Jersey is going up for a vote, chickens are running wild in North Ridgeville and am i really black enough.

Wednesday October 14th 2009

Brady Quinn’s house for that the 7th sign, parents are mad that kids are singing Obama songs in school and the american flag is not allowed at one apartment this america? all on today’s Marty Allen Show

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