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10/03/2012 TV Show

Were Chris Perez’s comments about Manny Acta right on the money or not, would Albert(Joey)Belle make a good manager then Bender and I have our pre-debate in the Bigdaddy 6 Pack in light of the first presidential debate tonight(I play Obama of course).

9/05/2012 TV Show

Fresh and back from vacation as I explain why I still like Barack Obama.

9/05/2012 Audio Podcast

Fresh and back from vacation on current events hump day.

Wednesday April 7th 2010

The consequences of good eating, American Idol is getting better and airlines charging you to go pee now.

Monday March 8th 2010

The pressure from my show got Josh Cribbs signed on Friday and how dumb can you be to go walking on the ice in Lake Erie.

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