Bill has 35-plus years of experience in radio and electronic media, having worked as a Disc Jockey and Talk Show Host for several radio stations in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio in the 70’s and 80’s. ( Bill has also worked as a golf course greenskeeper, a hamburger cook, a police officer and gas station attendant)  Coming to Cleveland in 1981 he served as Marketing and Production Director for WJW AM-850 and then at 1100 AM WWWE (now WTAM). After coming out of radio production, Bill started his own Advertising Agency called Bear-In-Mind Advertising.


After several years he sold to a larger agency and went to work there, but left after a year to re-open a new agency called Whitehouse Marketing, Inc. Born in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania, Bill has acted professionally and did many years of stand-up comedy.  He writes and produces audio and video projects of all kinds, and continues to lend his voice to advertising locally, nationally, and internationally. With an opinion on almost everything, Bill holds degrees in Speech, Communication and English, along with Marketing, and Psychology.


Bill is also the marketing president for Radius Communications