The Marty Allen Show

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Month: December 2015

Marty Allen Show December 16th, 2015

Its our annual end of the year Christmas show with Santa Bender and the gang. What’s the one reasonable gift you would want that special loved one or BFF to give you on Christmas that would mean the world to you. Also, what types of movies do you love to watch and which ones do you hate.

Marty Allen Show December 14th, 2015

The Johnny Football train is rolling and I’m now addicted to the gym and fountain of youth remedies you take to feel forever young.

Marty Allen Show December 9th, 2015

Another wild and crazy current events hump day show.

Marty Allen Show December 7th, 2015

Short and sweet..We discuss the train wreck that has become the Cleveland Browns.

Marty Allen Show December 4th, 2015

Another free for all Friday show as only we can do it.

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