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9/30/2011-Greg Roberts football picks of the week, a high school coach who made his players lay on top of graves in the cemetary as motivation for losing, the muny lot blowjob story and the 2012 rock n roll hall of fame nominees.

9/28/2011-The truly sad audio from a sedated Michael Jackson is played, gas is $3.12 a gallon and i’ve turned into a gas hoarder and should Jim Thone come back for one more year, all this and the Bigdaddy 6-Pack on the Latest Marty Allen TV show

9/26/2011-Michael Vick gettin no love, Browns need to rotate Hillis AND Hardesty, god I love the natl geographic channel when the lions hunt for food and lets go Tampa Bay Rays cuz I hate the Red Sox.

9/24/2011-Cleveland Police Patrolman Association Union President Steve Loomis in Studio.

9/23/2011-Football handicapper Greg Roberts with his picks of the week and a GFS store on Lorain Ave has a Steelers flag displayed next to a Browns flag in front of the store and I’m outraged.

9/21/2011-What were these college students doing hiking in Iraq in the first place? and should you be fired for something you say on facebook, 2 questions debated in today’s Bigdaddy 6 Pack

9/19/2011-The Browns, Obama’s tax plan layout and a wedding night tragedy.

9/17/2011-Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Tim Hagen in studio with an excellent dialogue on the state of this country and the Bigdaddy 6-Pack including the dead guy that was dragged to the clubs by his buddies.

9/16/2011-Do you take pictures and video of your intimate encounters and Greg Roberts football picks of the week.

9/14/2011-The Bigdaddy 6-Pack Including the question…Should the police officers who got jiggy with it at the West Indian parade in New York be reprimanded? and we flirt with sexy Monica from The Front Row Bar & Grille.

Audio Podcast 9/14/2011 Click Here

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