The Marty Allen Show

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Month: July 2011

7/25/2011-We debut the “Bigdaddy 6-Pack” and another fellow soldier has fallen at Clearchannel.

7/22/2011-Golf Pro Gary Trivisonno and Reporter Paul Orlousky from 19 Action News join us to talk Tiger Woods and the Anthony Sowell verdict

7/20/2011-STO’s Chuck Galeti from “The Last Call” joins us as the MLB trading deadline nears.

7/18/2011-The study of gay men penis sizes by the government.

7/15/2011-In light of Roger Clemens mistrial, will Anthony Sowell’s trial end like Casey Anthony

7/13/2011-Sam Mazzola(the bear man) died after a sex act fetish gone wrong..You are not gonna handcuff me under any circumstances.

7/8/2011-What is the proper etiquette for giving the engagement ring back when the relationship ends before marriage

7/6/2011-Have you ever had gout in your foot? you’d sell your first born and turn in your mother to make the pain go away

7/01/2011-Free for all Friday as the NBA lockout begins

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