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Month: June 2011 (page 1 of 2)

6/29/2011-Beef causes crazy dreams and after 51 pounds lost I feel invigorated

6/27/2011-The porta potty creeper, the breat milk squirter and Egyptian virgins on today’s show.

6/24/2011-The very lovely Laylah Salman in studio

6/22-2011-All the latest NBA trade rumors and draft scenarios.

6/20/2011-Extreme gastric measures, what it takes to be a champion and the fight to stay healthy

6/17/2011-Dirk Nowitzski sings and Dave Zanotti from the American Policy Roundtable joins us to talk about his possible lawsuit with the state and casino organizers.

6/15/2011-We got a 1/2 pound of Lebron’s flesh so far and we play some of the Dimora-Russo tapes.

6/13/2011-Lebron went to South Beach and caught VD, Jasonitis and Dirkarrhea

6/10-2011-Did Savannah really cheat on the king? The latest hot Lebron rumor on “free 4 All Friday”

6/8/2011-We dive into college life to find out what makes students break the rules to survive.

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