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5/27/2011-Jeff Tanchak from 19 Action News joins us to talk tornados and hot bartender Jill from Shaker’s Grille in studio making exotic drinks.

5/25/2011-Tornado stories, Saudi women to be beaten if they drive and air pump up the rear end.(Note** Video will start after about 30 seconds)

5/20/2011-A ballot in San Francisco to banish circumcisions until the boy is 18 and a man finds 40 grand in former homeowners attic and gives it back..don’t you just love white people.

5/18/2011-What will the Cavs do with their picks and the CDC says to get prepared for flesh eating zombies

5/16/2011-Da Bulls, The weather sucks and Marty comes out of the closet

5/13/2911-The casino issue withe organizers and the govenor is heating up again

5/11/2011-Nurse Penny fron the Cleveland Clinic joins us on current events humpday

5/9/2011-Whitney Houston goes back to rehab

5/6/2011-Free 4 All Friday, Osama is still dead but what about the Lakers & Celtics

5/4/2011-President B-Rock says no photo of Osama to the public and leave it to a Pittsburgh Steeler player to disgrace the USA

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