The Marty Allen Show

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Month: March 2011

3\30\2011-The Cavs found Miami’s weak spot and my emergency colonoscopy story is a hilariously must see and hear

3\25\2011-Carla Bella Day Spa giving us pampering and Ken Lanci who’s suing the browns and NFL talked with us about it on free for all Friday.

3/23/2011-Libya, Japan, The Nfl & more on current events humpday.

3/21/2011-The debate continues over the N Word

3/18/2011-Playboy bartender barmate of the year Nicky Lottman live in studio

3/16/2011-March Madness, Japan and the NFL

3/14/2011-The NFL Stalemate and Usher has a sex tape?..say it ain’t so!

3/09/2011-Baptist Churches,Ohio State, NFL, Charlie Sheen and more on current events humpday.

3/07/2011-There’s no crying in basketball on sports wrap up Monday

3/04/2011-Charlie Sheen is my hero, Brandon Davies from BYU screwed a white girl and understanding senate bill 5

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