The Marty Allen Show

Rogue Radio Network

Month: February 2011

2/28/2011-What will happen this week in the NFL and The Oscars Wrap Up

2/23/2011-Current Events Humpday with Smokin Hot Bianca

2/21/2011-Post NBA allstar game notes, my sister the oral surgeon and the real power of facebook

2/16/2011-Get the inside scoop on the possible NFL lockout from someone inside on current events hump day.

2/14/2011-What women want on Valentine’s Day that guarantees the man gets laid and post Grammy wrapup

2/09/2011-Current Events Humpday

2/07/2011-Sports Wrap Up & Post Superbowl Party

2/4/2011-Free For All Friday with live reports from Dallas on Superbowl weekend

2/2/2011-Current Events Humpday as we preview the Superbowl

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