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Month: August 2010 (page 1 of 2)

Monday August 30th 2010-Paris Hilton stupidity, Roger Clemens arrogance, Manny Returns to Cleveland and so much more.

Friday August 27th 2010-Bartender babes Friday with all american beauty Shirley fron Dina’s Pizza & Pub Joins Us

Wednesday August 25th 2010-Fantasy football takes center stage with Dominic Ruggerio from Front Row Bar & Grille.

Monday August 23rd 2010-Paul Rado & Councilman Mike Polensek Join Us To Talk About Recycling & Fines In Cleveland(U gotta hear this)

Friday August 20th 2010-Roger Clemens, Lebron James, Wrestling Mauling Bears, Cleveland’s Recycle Fines, Dr Laura And So Much More

Wednesday August 18th-Birthday after party and Lebron James is running his mouth again about Cleveland.

Bigdaddy’s Golden 50th Birthday Bash

Monday August 16th 2010-My partner Bill Bender is back from vacation and we catch up

Friday August 13th 2010-Bartender babe Friday with Rachel from Michael Angelo’s and dirty Kurt celebrity co-hosting on free for all Friday.

Wednesday August 11th 2010-Current events humpday with dirty Kurt.

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