The Marty Allen Show

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Month: July 2010

Friday July 30th 2010-Matthew Bellamy who wore the Lebron James Miami heat jersey to an indians game at progressive field joined me.

Monday July 28th 2010-Celebrity Guest Host Paul Rado Sits In For the Vacationing Bill Bender.

Monday July 26th 2010-Back in stride after a week of sickness

Friday July 16th 2010-Bartender babe Jill from Shaker’s Tavern joins us. The mystery behind Lebron’s stolen diamond pendant and the Mel Gibson phone tapes keep going.

Wednesday July 14th 2010-The Mel Gibson Phone Tapes Get Better & Better

Monday July 12th 2010-The Shocking Alleged Mel Gibson Phone Tapes(Don’t Bring The Kids)

Friday July 9th 2010-Jackie the rock star and bartender from Knockouts bar & grille joined us to eulogize Lebron

Wednesday July 7th 2010-Sportscaster Chuck Galeti joins us in studio discussing the Lebron sweepstakes.

Friday July 2nd 2010-Free for all Friday with sports fanatic K-T Kevin Tomasko talking Cavs & Browns as the Cavaliers hire a new coach.

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