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Month: February 2010 (page 1 of 2)

Friday February 26th 2010

A new iphone app for cheaters, Seaworld is sticking by the whale that killed the trainer and 2 flight attendants duke it out on a recent flight.

Wednesday February 24th 2010

If men had to carry babies inside em for 9 months then C sections would be the law plus ESPN veteran broadcaster Tony Kornheiser is suspended for saying Hannah Storm Dresses slutty in her on air broadcasts.

Monday February 22nd 2010

Why does rice make Asian people skinny but makes me fat when i eat it, the Canadians are pissed after losing to the USA in Olympic hockey and older adults and baby boomers are smokin the ganja more than ever.

Friday February 19th 2010

We break down the Tiger Woods press conference bigdaddy style.

Wednesday February 17th 2010

Cavaliers TV play by play announcer Fred McLeod joins me to talk about the latest rumors involving the team.

Monday February 15th 2010

I went snow grilling over the weekend and Southwest Airlines are throwing fatties off the plane these days.

Friday February 12th 2010

Free for all early valentine’s day Friday.

Cribs Bigdaddy Style

A special “Cribs” Bigdaddy Style

Wednesday February 10th 2010

The browns are cutting the fat quickly and tax breaks to be had by everybody.

Monday February 8th 2010

Recapping my super bowl weekend and the super bowl commercials.

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