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Friday October 30th 2009

Free for all Friday on The Marty Allen Show

Monday October 26th 2009

Brady Quinn is not part of Eric Mangini’s equal opportunity system

Friday October 23rd 2009

Free for all Friday and a live funky cold medina remix performance.

Wednesday October 21st 2009

Currents events Wednesday on the Marty Allen Show

Monday October 19th 2009

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the browns to trade Derick Anderson

Browns-Steelers Game Rap 10-19-09

Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Game Rap

Friday October 16th 2009

Its free for all Friday on The Marty Allen Show

Wednesday October 14th 2009

Brady Quinn’s house for that the 7th sign, parents are mad that kids are singing Obama songs in school and the american flag is not allowed at one apartment this america? all on today’s Marty Allen Show

Monday October 12th 2009

The Browns are throwing in the towel for this season

Friday October 9th 2009

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Current events Friday on the Marty Allen Show, a blind man drives at 200mph, gimme my damn large fries and my NFL picks of the week.

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