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Marty Allen Show February 8th, 2016

Post Superbowl talk and all the best commercials from the big game.

Marty Allen Show February 5th, 2016

I’m down almost 40 more pounds since October 30th ad showing off my new bod. Johny Manziel is a hot mess right now and we didn’t watch a second of the OJ series currently on or Grease live. Free 4 all Friday in full swing.

Marty Allen Show February 3rd, 2016

I have finally joined the “Cut Johnny Football” bandwagon, The mayor of Cleveland wants to raise the income tax while a proposal to give council members a proposed 15% pay raise and Washington DC wants to pay the worst of the worst criminals up to 9 grand a year to NOT commit crimes.

Marty Allen Show February 1st, 2016

Could there be other reasons why Johnny Manziel keeps getting into trouble and what’s the average number for times of whoopie per month for people over 40.

Marty Allen Show January 27th, 2015

Current events humpday with the hot topics of the week.

Marty Allen Show January 25th, 2015

Big sports weekend while we break down the latest match ups while The Jazz does a little twerking.

Marty Allen Show January 22nd, 2015

Th usual free for all Friday fun

Marty Allen Show January 20th, 2016

The Oscar snub of black folks being nominated, the movie Concussion and the effects on NFL players, pregnancy, hospital deliveries and so much more on a current events humpday!

Marty Allen Show January 15th, 2016

My latest health crisis, near death experience and the latest on the browns and NFL playoffs over the weekend.

Marty Allen Show January 6th, 2016

What’s really behind the quick management hires of the browns?

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